1987 – 1989 Govt. Diploma in Drawing and Painting
1985 – 1986 Govt. Diploma in Art Teaching
1979 – 1984 Govt. Diploma in Applied Art


1989   B G Jagtap Prize (first in Pune) Diploma in painting
Dr Bhalerao prize (first in portrait) Diploma in Painting
Ms Asha Joshi prize for Diploma in painting
1985 Abhiyan – Best entry prize
Govt. of Maharastra 26th State Art Exhibition merit prize
1984  Central Railway woman social service prize - Watercolour
Diploma Applied Arts – Merit prize for Illustration
Diploma Applied Arts – Best Graphic Design
1981 Lions Club Pune, India – Best Rangoli Memory
1980 Lions Club Pune, India – Best Rangoli Award
1977 Akhil Mandai Mandal, - Rangoli Award
1976 Child Art Competition

Other Credits

1993 Participated in the technical workshop on Conservation & Preservation of Art objects conducted by the Indian Conservation Institute, Lacknow in collaboration with Intech, Pune, India
1992 Jawarlal Nehru Institute of Technology Art Exhibition Examiner
1982 Invitation by Artist Centre for Watercolours Camp, Jawar, India. Sponsored by Lalit Kala  Academy.Delhi India


41 Exhibitions (27 Solos and 14 Group)

2009  The solaris centre.Blackpool UK
2007 London City Airport. Royal Docks UK
The Islington Art & Design Fair.London
The Great Art Fair. London.
2006    Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. London
2004       2004 Nehru Centre, London UK
Embassy of India, Berlin, Germany
Koncz Galaria, Debrican, Hungry
Jiyo Hajharo Sal, Pune, India
2003 Casa Blanca Almare, Venice, Italy
Private Shows 1, by local Sponsors, Rimini, Italy
Private Shows 2, by local Sponsors, Rimini, Italy
Pune Airport, India
2002 Athale Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2000 Jahamgir Art Gallery, Mombai, India
Top Gear Warden, Road, Mumbai, India
Crimson, The Art Recourse, Mumbai, India
1999 Sham Ahuja, Pune, India Nehru centre, Mumbai, India
Chatak, Monsoon Show, Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India
1998 Gallery Hasegawa, Tokyo, Japan
Embassy of India, Tokyo, Japan
Contemporary Art, Pune, India
1997 Joyo City Cultural Centre, Kyoto, Japan
1996 Khusboo Art Gallery, Pune, India
Flying Dutchman art Gallery, Goa, India
Gallery Hasegawa, Tokyo, Japan
1995 Flying Dutchman art Gallery, Goa, India
Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
1994 Flying Dutchman art Gallery, Goa, India
Balgandharva Kaladalen, Pune, India
Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
1993 Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
Affordable Art, Pune, India Art Trends, Pune, India
1992 Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
1991 Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
Art Trends, Pune, India
Private Preview, Pune, India
1990 Balganharva Kaladalan, Pune,
India Oak Smruti, Pune, India
1989 Oak Smruti, Pune, India


2008 Wall painting Cambridge nursery 38 Cambridge road Ilford London IG3 8LU
2007   Wall Painting for Christchurch Primary School, London  IG1 4LQ
2007 Wall Painting & Some relief work for Upton  Centre Pre - School. London E13
Prestigious buyers consist of Large Multinational Corporations, Private Art Collectors as well as Retail Outlets and Public Institutions world wise

Personal Interests and Extra Curriculum Activities

Visiting Art Galleries and Museums,Learning new techniques in Art, Travelled extensively, Cultural Exchanges
References  Available on request